Do you feel you are approaching the autumn of your life?   Does the very idea of ageing make you feel stressed?  Do you worry about motivation? What about performance?  Career looking less golden? Retirement seeming desolate? Entrepreneurial ideas likely a ghostly mist swirling about your brain…

What does the future hold for you – cold, bleak, boredom or sunny, fun-filled, interest and activity?

Can you age healthily, happily and youthfully – stay at the top of your game AND develop a future filled with more or everything you aspire to and enjoy?   Of course you can…  It is all in the mindset!!

Think, feel and breath – fun, positive, laughing, energetic, interesting, adventurous, serene, happy and eating up life and everything it has to offer. You have the best years ahead of you, do what you want to do, when you want to do it and love every minute…

Yes it is possible, it is enjoyable and more than anything it is all that you want it to be… read on to get tips, ideas, advice.

AGEING IS AMAZING! Don’t knock it!


Welcome to Deliciously Older!

If you are reading this, you probably are interested in what happens and what sort of future you might have as you get older. I have arrived – I am in the M bracket – middle age, menopause, mature…

You also probably want to be as healthy, happy and youthful as possible… well I hope you do anyway!

My experience in a nutshell, businesswoman/boss in international commerce, real estate, industry having started my career in the City (and yesssss, loved it!).  Trilingual from living and working in several countries around the world.  Couple of marriages behind me.  Two very fun, lively and really great adult children to be very proud of (even though I am not the mumsy type) and a gorgeous grandson!  Life long passion for horses, dogs, countryside and travel… Great interest in activity, sport, health, fitness and nutrition (had my own fitness and nutrition business as a secondary career in a past life).  More recently trained and working as a Business and Life Coach as well as being a speaker, business articles and book writer and now budding fiction author. Created the SCOPE process for Career Fulfilment and the 4 Fs for Genuine Holistic Success.

Due to not being exactly thrilled at reaching the M stage of life (middle age/menopause), seeing/living OH (other half)’s total panic and despair at his imminent retirement – they retire young over here –  and speaking to/hearing from so many of you who are in the same situation…. I realise just how many of us have been struggling with the idea of getting older!

Silly really, when you think of all the advantages you have at this age, and older…..

Your children have left home, or are about to, so you have much more freedom to spend time on yourself.

You have many years of work, life and experience under your belt, so you know what you like and don’t like.

You have a great opportunity already here, or soon approaching, to take your life in the direction you want it to go.

This is where I can guide you – think how much you will love to moving yourself out of any ruts you may have fallen into over the years, you can open up new horizons, you can dream new dreams, you can achieve serenity and above all you can create new and increased enthusiasm for the future… you can discover your personal fountain of youth to enjoy your ageing process as dynamically, inspiringly, happily and youthfully as you want it to be…

Deliciously Older – Here is where you want to be!